The iconic Symnatec Norton VeriSign Trust Seal is easily the most recognizable SSL certificate on the internet.

Visitors to your website will feel safer, and conversion rates will go up with the utilization of the famous Trust Symbol. 

All Symantec Norton-branded Verisign SSL Certificates come with more than just the Trust Seal.  Verisign premium SSL Certificates, VeriSign Seal-in-Search™ technology, and daily Norton website malware scanning are also included.  The combination of features come together to ensure your website visitors that your website is safe to both visit and to buy from.

Why Buy Symantec Norton Verisign SSL Certificates? 

The Symantec Verisign Trust Seal is the Mercedes or BMW symbol of the SSL industry.  It's known.  It's trusted.  It's seen as high-quality.  All of these positive Verisign brand affinities will rub off on your brand and website when you prominently display the Verisign Trust Symbol on your site.

In addition, the malware scanning included with most Verisign SSLs has recently been made even more powerful.  Symantec, a leader in online security with their Norton brand anti-virus software, purchased Verisign's SSL division earlier in the year.  The combination of Verisign SSL certificates and Norton internet security software is powerful, and you'll benefit from this marriage as a webmaster. 

So Why Don't All Webmasters Buy Verisign SSL Certificates?

One word: price.  This keeps a lot of webmasters from getting a Symantec Norton SSL - there's more affordable SSL certificates on the market.  GoDaddy, in particular, has been aggressive in slashing the prices of their SSL certificates (see - GoDaddy SSL cheap prices).  GoDaddy SSLs are roughly 1/3 the price of a Verisign SSL when this review was written (see - GoDaddy SSL Certificate Review).  

In the end, it's up to you to decide.  Do you go for the high-quality, iconic Verisign SSL certificate coupled with Norton website security scans?  Or, do you save money by utilizing a cheaper alternative SSL like Go Daddy's?

VeriSign SSL Certificate Product Offerings

VeriSign offers a number of products to ensure the security of your website transactions.  Two of its most popular offerings include:

Secure Site Pro with EV - You can give your customers the confidence they need to make purchases with VeriSign Secure Site Pro with EV, VeriSign’s most popular SSL product.  EV (Extended Validation) displays a green address bar in the web browser indicating the legitimacy of the site while true 128-bit ensures that their personal information is completely secure.

Secure Site Pro SSL Certificates - With this VeriSign product, you can transmit sensitive data with protection from the strongest SSL encryption possible.  Secure Site Pro SSL Certificates offers the option of 128 and 256-bit encryption to provide your customers with the utmost security.

Verisign Trust Seal - It's similar to other SSL providers cheap domain SSL certificates, with one big difference.  Your site gets to display the most recognized trust seal in the SSL industry - Verisign's.  Use Coupon Code: CJTRUST50 and get $50 off any new VeriSign Trust™ Seal!

Try a Verisign SSL certificate today, and you will be rewarded with the most rigorous authentication and security methodology in the industry.  In fact, Verisign is running a limited time offer: Try a Verisign EV SSL certificate for FREE for 30 days.