Network Solutions Review: SSL Certificate Authority Seal With Brand Trust?

Network Solutions has been around as long as the internet.  They were the first company to sale domains.  Their domain name selling monopoly was finally broken up, and Network Solutions has grown into a full web solutions provider.

SSL Certificates are part of Netsol's product solutions.

If you're looking to buy a SSL Certificate, you should know that Network Solutions has recently changed their logo.  A square green box with two rounded sides contains a script "ns". 

Why does this matter?

Part of buying a SSL Cert includes the installation of the certificate authority's site seal on your website.  The new logo is now part of Network Solutions seal. 

The new "NS" logo has been made fun of by my marketing friends.  But that doesn't matter.  What does matter is your customers may have a harder time recognizing Network Solutions' brand as its look and feel is pretty different.

This is important.

A big component of an installing a SSL Certificate is building trust with your visitors.  If they trust your site, you have a better shot at making a sale.

The new NS Network Solutions certificate authority site seal will have a little bit harder time of building that trust with your visitors as the Netsol brand is no longer immediately recognizable.

But, that's not the main reason to consider going a different direction for your SSL certificate needs ...

... cost is.

Just as Network Solutions is one of the higher priced domain sellers, their SSL cert products have competitors offering better prices.

Bottom line:  If your website is using Network Solutions' web hosting, then take a hard look at buying one of the Network Solutions SSL Certificates.  A Netsol SSL Cert will be easier to install.  Plus you're more likely to get better technical support (avoid the "talk to your web host, it's their fault" vs. "no, something is wrong with the SSL, get them on the phone" back-and-forth if your SSL certificate install doesn't go well initially).

Great the best price on a Netsol SSL here.

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