Buy Cheap Go Daddy SSL Certificates ...

... if you can make it through all the HOT GoDaddy girl pictures, Nascar references, and offers in Go Daddy's purchase path.

GoDaddy's website can be a bit confusing to navigate, but they've improved it considerably in the last year.  It's much better. 

Too make navigation easier for you, here's a link directly to the GoDaddy SSL Certificate web page.  You can find GoDaddy Wildcard SSL Certificates, and GoDaddy EV SSL Certificates on this page as well.

GoDaddy is by far the largest domain registrar in the world. It's not even close.  GoDaddy achieved this status by price-cutting the competition.  Their margins on domains are razor thin.

Well guess what ... Go Daddy is following their price-cutting strategy again in the SSL certificates market place.  And Verisign, Thawte, and the other big Certificate Authorities hate them for it.

SSL certificate customers like you and me love GoDaddy's low price strategy.  Why?  Because we can now buy cheap GoDaddy SSL Certificates that are just as good as far more expensive digital certificates!

Go Daddy's strategy is working.  In 2008, they issued more new SSL certificates than any other certificate authority (CA).  They are now the second largest CA to only Verisign.  In fact, GoDaddy may pass Verisign in total SSL Certificates issued in 2011.

Cost isn't the only reason GoDaddy SSL Certs are a hit.  Go Daddy SSL Certificates include an unlimited server license.  This means one certificate can be used on multiple servers. Nice!

Your company's Six Sigma cost-cutting-reengineering person will love you if you switch your individual server SSL certificates to GoDaddy NOW Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) Certificates come in 3 assurance validation levels: Standard; Deluxe; and the new GoDaddy EV SSL Cert (Extended Validation).

All SSL certificates offer up to 256-bit encryption. GoDaddy SSL Certificates have a 99% web browser recognitionVisit GoDaddy's SSL Certificate page for more details.

GoDaddy is now a full certificate authority with their own Public Key Infrastructure and Trusted Root.

GoDaddy SSL Certificates are issued quickly; in some cases as little as 30 minutes.  Normally issuance speed is a few hours, and a bit longer on the weekends.

What are you waiting for? Learn more.

GoDaddy is running a limited time only $12.99 special right now.  Standard SSL Certificates for only $12.99!!  Get a GoDaddy SSL Certificate today!


Go Daddy $12.99 SSL Sale!



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