Dotster is a SSL Certificate Reseller

Dotster is not a certificate authority.  Dotster is a SSL cert reseller.  Just wanted to clear that up right off the bat.

Dotster currently resells both GeoTrust and Verisign SSLs.  They used to have a reseller relationship with Thawte, but it appears that relationship has ended.

Dotster currently has 2 recommended SSL deals to check out: 

GeoTrust is running a limited time only $179 EV Cert offer via Dotster.  Check it out.  This is well below the $799 regular pricetag for the extended validation ssl cert.

Dotster also has a free trial SSL Certificate for 30 days. Click here. This offer is on GeoTrust's regular 256 bit domain verification SSL.

If you're pretty sure your website will need an SSL, you can skip the Dotster free offer and get a much better deal.  Both and GoDaddy have domain SSL certs in the $13 per year range. After one month you'll pay Dotster $89 for the year to keep your trial digital cert.

See the and GoDaddy offers on the domain verification SSL cert page.

Dotster is known as an ICANN accredited domain registrar.  Dotster, located in Vancouver Washington, has over 3 million domain names under management.  Dotster also offers web hosting. and are both Dotster companies.


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