Shhhh, keep this private ...

Expensive domain issuer is now a top SSL certificate provider. Seriously.

Huh?  How did that happen? relaunched their web hosting in the past year.  As part of their private customer interviews, figured out they were at a competitive disadvantage by not having a SSL certificate product.

So jumped into the SSL certificate marketplace with both feet. now has the top SSL certificate offer - bar none.

You can get domain verification SSL certificates from for only $12.67 per year.  Deal!

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That means you can get a digital domain verification SSL Certificate for less than $10 with the coupon.  What are you waiting for?  Get your SSL Certificate NOW! also has Standard SSL Certs, EV SSL Certificates, and Wildcard multiple-domain SSL Certs for good prices.

If you need a host for your website - don't forget's web hosting, which comes with a free dedicated IP address.  Dedicated IP's make installing a SSL certificate relatively easy.

Why should you consider besides the low cost?

They have great customer service.  So good in fact, they've won the J.D. Powers award multiple years running.

Usually you’d pay a premium for the best customer service - or as J.D. Power and Associates calls it, “An Outstanding Customer Service Experience”.  In this case, you’re actually getting premium service from for the best overall SSL deal.  

Try out  If you have any issues installing your SSL cert, you'll actually get a human to pick-up the phone when you call 24/7.  Not kidding.

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