What does a green Website Address Bar mean?

If you've done any online shopping recently, you've probably noticed a green website address bar on secure web pages. This green bar means that the site has gone through a rigorous authentication process with an Extended Validation SSL certificate.

The green address bar cannot be mimicked by a phisher.

When users see a green address bar on secure pages of a site they visit, they know they are on the correct site.  The address bar turns green to indicate that the website is protected by the best EV SSL certificate from a third-party Certificate Authority.  The site cannot be mimicked by a phisher, so customers can safely proceed to checkout or enter personal information.

The address bar turns green to show the customer that your website is highly authenticated and secure.

The Certificate Authority that issued the EV SSl certificate is displayed to demonstrate your choice of best-of-breed online security.

Your company's name toggles in the security status bar, immediately assuring your customers that they are on the website they intended to be on.

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