GoDaddy just released a new SSL Certificate coupon for 2012.

If you're going to buy a Go Daddy SSL Certificate, you may as well save 15%.  Click here to use the coupon code!  

Even better, GoDaddy just released a 20% off SSL certificate coupon code.  Click here to use the coupon, or click on the banner below.  The savings will show up automatically in your shopping cart.

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Then pick the GoDaddy SSL certificate that meets your website needs.  GoDaddy SSLs are a great way to go - excellent security, but way below the price of other competing SSL certificates.  

More sites are secured by Go Daddy than by any other certificate authority.  In fact, one out of every two new SSL Certificates is issued by Go Daddy.

GoDaddy SSL certs provide the iron-clad security of up to 256-bit encryption for a fraction of most of their competitors' prices.  GoDaddy has different certificates to choose from including standard SSLs, Domain verification certs, and extended validation digital certificates - so you'll find the certificate that fits your website needs and your budget.

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Benefits To You Of Getting A Go Daddy SSL Certificate Coupon

Would you like to save money on purchasing an SSL certificate for your website?   You would then now is the time to look for and use a GoDaddy SSL certificate coupon, of which there are several different kinds.     

However you need to be aware that a GoDaddy SSL certificate coupon will only be valid for a certain period of time.   So if you don’t use it in the time scale stated then of course it is completely worthless.    Currently there are ones that can save you as much as 50% on your purchase of a standard SSL certificate from GoDaddy.  

Certainly for any online business to run effectively and which accepts payments by credit card or requests very sensitive information an SSL certificate is crucial.   It is this that will ensure that not only to do all online transactions remain secure but also so does all information collected remain secure.

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