Go Granny Network Solutions GoDaddy Video Superbowl Parody - Offensive or Good Branding?

Apparently Network Solutions felt left out and wanted to get in on the Go Daddy Superbowl parody action.  I mean, why let GeoTrust have all the fun?

Network Solutions just released its video “Go Granny,” featuring Oscar-winner Cloris Leachman.  The video, similar to GeoTrust's video, makes fun of Go Daddy and their now famous Super Bowl ads featuring young women sexually teasing viewers.  Network Solutions never mentions GoDaddy by name in the video, but it's obvious who they're going after.

Network Solutions calls its video a “mockumentary.” Cloris Leachman talks about how she “got the whole thing started” and was the first one out there shaking her booty to sell websites –  until she falls asleep in between takes and has to be woken up.  It's ironic that Network Solutions was an original domain registrar, and now appears to need to be woken up themselves.

Leachman mocks the black-leather-wearing Danica Patrick, saying how you “sweat like a pig inside these things.”  Leachman, aged 84, also pokes fun at herself in the video, calling herself a “smokin’ hot babe.”

What shocks me is some of the language and attitude in the Netsol video.  The acting and directing are excellent.  But, the granny clearly says "fu*k", "sh*t", "ass", and makes a bunch of off-color jokes.  "Another text from that silly quarterback" line is a slap at Ben Roethlisberger.

Yes, it's funny.  But will it help Network Solution's flagging brand?  I'm not sure about that.  The video won't help attract Christian or the religious family-oriented consumers that GoDaddy offends, that's for sure. 

It almost seems like GoDaddy has pulled Network Solutions down to their level of advertising playing field.  And, just like in the real NFL, it's harder to win if you're playing on your competitors home turf.

At the end of the video Lisa Stone, the co-founder of BlogHer, makes a statement. However, while she gives Network Solutions an endorsement, it seems like a missed opportunity. 

If you're going to go to all the work and expense of making this video, why not go for the proverbial balls?  I mean, be more direct and passionate about why GoDaddy's advertising is extremely offensive to women.  Be more direct, and make a statement along the lines of women business owners should boycott GoDaddy starting this weekend.

Network Solutions' recent marketing efforts, especially their rebranding and messaging, have been deemed off-the-mark by industry followers.  Network Solutions will probably get a few days of extra web visitors, but will this effort pay-off in the medium and long run?  Only time will tell, but I'm betting it won't. 

In the competitive web services industry, you need to differentiate yourself.  You need to stand out.  Network Solution's video just screams "me too" to me.  And "me too" doesn't win market share.

Perhaps Network Solutions' CMO is the one that should “sweat like a pig".  The NetSol CMO has to be on the hot seat, right?

What's your take?  Please leave a comment.

Regardless, if you need an SSL certificate, read these reviews and make a decision as to which company you'll support:

Go Daddy SSL Certificates



Go Granny Network Solutions GoDaddy Video Superbowl Parody - Offensive or Good Branding?



Compare GoDaddy versus Geotrust SSL Certificates

GeoTrust has made a pretty funny video, "Who's Your Daddy Now", which is a parody of Go Daddy's getting stale ad style. 

As they say, if it works keep doing it.  GoDaddy says they wouldn't keep investing in this type of advertising unless it was ROI posititve, and according to their figures, the sexy ads are driving traffic and sales to their websites that is ROI positive.

On the GeoTrust side, they're trying to fight off GoDaddy's price slashing tactics that have eaten a chunk of their SSL margins.

“We’re alerting Go Daddy customers that they now can take advantage of the reliable protection of globally trusted GeoTrust SSL certificates, with a trade-in process that’s exceptionally easy and unbeatably cost-effective,” GeoTrust senior product marketing manager Jeff Barto said in a statement. “With our new low prices, GeoTrust is making a great thing even better.”

Here's what GoDaddy had to say about that:

“Go Daddy entered the SSL space for the same reason we became a domain name registrar and web hosting provider,” stated Go Daddy chief executive officer and founder Bob Parsons. “We saw an opportunity for customers to receive a better product and outstanding service for a much lower price.”

It's up to you to decide what SSL certificate works best for your site.  Here's some of the information we've put together to help you make that decision:  Read - 

GoDaddy SSL Certificates Reviews and decide for yourself if that's the way you want to go for your next certificate.

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Compare GoDaddy versus Geotrust SSL Certificates

GoDaddy Launches Premium DNS Service Including DNNSEC Services

GoDaddy Launches Premium DNS Service Including DNNSEC Services

The premium DNS service includes vanity name servers, DNS up-time guarantees of 99.999%, log tracking, DNSSEC, reports and audits, off-site DNS functionality, backup name servers, and other perks. 

The DNSSEC services seem to have the most people interested in the new service. DNSSEC helps prevent domains being hijacked through cache poisoning or other similar type attacks by signing each domain’s zone with a validatable cryptographic key.

The “vanity nameserver” option is interesting as well.  Premium DNS service customers can set their domain’s name servers to display something different than ns1.domaincontrol.com, perhaps something like yourcompany.domaincontrol.com.

The price is of the new service is $2.99 per month. DNSSEC can be extremely complex and a lot of work to manage as it can require frequent key generation and rollover.  So the less-than-$3 price tag is cheap to have someone else manage your valuable domain's security. 

To get people to sign up, it looks like Go Daddy will limited the regular DNS service to 100 forwarded sub-domains, while Premium DNS users get an unlimited number.

Instructions To Upgrade to Premium DNS:

  1. Log in to your Account Manager.
  2. In the My Products section, click Domain Manager.
  3. From the Tools menu, select DNS Manager. The Standard DNS Dashboard displays.
  4. Click Upgrade.
  5. Select Premium DNS.
  6. (Optional) Select DNSSEC for up to 5 domains: Free.
  7. Select a term, and then click Add.
  8. Click Checkout, and then complete your purchase.

GoDaddy Launches Premium DNS Service Including DNNSEC Services

Domains & SSL Certificates are the Best Cheap Thrill at GoDaddy.com

If you're visiting SSL Certificate Reviews, odds are you know all about the website services provider GoDaddy.com.

But, if you're like me, a lot of your friends have no idea what GoDaddy really is.

Your friends see the GoDaddy commercials on TV during football games like the Superbowl or on late night cable.  Based on the television commercials, they may come to the conclusion that Go Daddy is some type of kinky internet porn website.  You know, a porn site where older, bald, daddy-types have their way with smoking HOT babes.

Your friends are partially right.

In reality, GoDaddy provides legitimate web services: Internet website domain names, site SSL certificates, budget web hosting, and more. GoDaddy is the biggest domain name registrar in the world by far. They're also growing rapidly in the SSL certificate market.

GoDaddy didn't always register the most domains in the marketplace.  Bob Parsons, GoDaddy's older, balding, daddy-type founder (sorry Bob -  LOL) conceived a brilliant business plan. GoDaddy combined cheap prices with a sex-based marketing plan that caught their target customer's attention.  It worked.  The typically young, male, hormonally-driven technology experts that built the internet quickly noticed.  These webmasters started registering domains en masse from GoDaddy, who in turn continued to crank out soft porn-like TV spots.

And that's how "daddy" Bob "used" the GoDaddy girls to kick Network Solutions' and Register.com's asses.

GoDaddy's current TV commercials tease viewers to visit their site to see supposedly even more racy web content.  And what do your friends see if they go to GoDaddy.com? Cleavage. And suggestive dancing.

Basically your friends initially get a cheap thrill.  Bob and GoDaddy get a whole lot more.  They gain company awareness, which is the first step towards gaining a future customer.

So later when your friends want to start a website, where do they go to register their domain?  That's right, GoDaddy.com.  Fortunately, that's where your friends will get an even better thrill because GoDaddy's cheap prices for their domain and SSL certificate products are a great deal (see GoDaddy SSL Certificates Reviews and Godaddy EV SSL Certificate review).

So in the end, no one gets "jerked-around".


Domains & SSL Certificates are the Best Cheap Thrill at GoDaddy.com

Google Acceptable SSL Certificates for Websites Using Google Checkout API

Google Acceptable SSL Certificates

Google's production server verifies your website's SSL certificate before communicating with your server. Therefore, Google does not allow a website to use a self-signed or trial SSL certificate for your HTTPS connection to Google in the production environment.  You can try to use a self-signed SSL cert, but if you do, Google's server will not initiate any data communication with your server, and your server won't receive any response messages from Google.

Why would you need a SSL certificate with Google?  Well, Google Checkout API requires a SSL certificate if you're integrating your order management system.

The SSL certificates listed in this site are on the Google's list of accepted SSL certificates.

Go Daddy Class 2 CA

Network Solutions Certificate Authority

Secure Certificate Services - Comodo CA Limited (note:  register.com uses the Comodo certificate authority for the Register.com brand of EV certificates)

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